Q: Can I join as a free member now and upgrade later?
A: Yes you can register as a free member and upgrade to the Gold Membership Portal anytime from your member's area.

Q: Do I get any marketing material to promote Search a Product Members Portal
A; Yes marketing material is available inside your member's area.

Q: Will I get anything for referring free members?
A: Yes, you will get benefits for referring free members. You can find that on your bonus page.

Q: What will happen if I will cancel my Gold members portal subscription?
A: Your Account will be changed back to free members status and you will not be able to access the Gold members portal features but you will still have access to your earnings.

Q: My question is not listed above what shall I do?
A: Click Here and contact us

Q: What commissions can I earn?
A: Commissions are between 10% to 50%

Q: When is the commission payout time
A: Commissions are paid at the end of each following month!

Q: What payment platform do you use
A: Commissions are paid to you through Paypal.

Q: Do I get my own dashboard
A: Yes you get within your Search a Product member's dashboard a stats page and withdrawal history tools so you can keep a track of your performance.

Q: Can I advertise on the website?
A: Yes you can do banner advertising on Search a Product site, Click here for more details.

Q: Can I become an affiliate and promote Search a Product
A: Yes Search a Product has a Promotional Center which you can access after signing up.